Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scrap Metal Recycling an old Thicknesser

Getting a collection of metal for machining and general use is always on the cards more so if its free. I had spotted some time ago (read years) an old Thicknesser in Alan's trailer then even I asked if it was to go to the tip could I scavenge it. I finally went out and picked it up spiders, rust and all. I had to get stuck in and dismantle it as quick as possible I need the space no room for a thicknesser here.

Out of it I was able to get four 3/4" solid steel bars the upright guides, two height adjustment screws, working motor 8000 rpm... well it turned on twice but I think after that the switch died.
The guide roller, the main blade shaft plus two high speed steel blades 12" a few nuts bots n screws. Only things stuck tight are the four steel guide bars.

Oh yeh the gears and chain for equal operation of the height adjustment. In all almost all bolts and nuts came undone easy after 4 years of being in the weather. I found one side of the main case was cracked this could have been the problem of motor belt slippage and reason why Alan bought a new one.

I wish I had the facilities to melt down the alloy material and make some casting oh well can't have it all.


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