Monday, October 13, 2014

Mater Dei Fair Camden

For some years the Fairfield Spinners Weavers & Dyers had been asked to attend Mater Dei Fair as they were this year. Sadly on Friday two days prior the fair the spinners and weavers group voted to close their doors for the last time. Low member numbers and participation had taken its toll as well as modern day living for many.

Its  great day out and Sue and decided to continue to support a great cause, these kids and the staff have such a bright out look and enjoy the day its infectious.

Below are just some of our photos of the morning period we spent out there.

However some great photos from Sharons Photography give a greater insight into the school, the kids and the day.

Oh Sue had made cookies for the fair this year, normally its Lemon Curd or such but poor supply this year didn't allow it.

 The woodwork on these old Morris is just outstanding as well as the whole restoration.

 The picnic set look close and you'll see it comes complete.

In the trailer was the original tool kit.

Interior of a Mk5 Jaguar it is in original condition.

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