Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Dowel Drilling Jig

For years I have had my Dad's dowel drilling jig, in that time I think I have used it once. Problem was it only had 1/4" guide to use, I made 3 new metric guides 6, 8 and 10mm.

A job I was making the 6mm guide for change direction but still the Dowel Jig got its first use in many a year today.
I had two x two wheelchair rims given to me, one from daughter Belinda which had a problem with the ring grip stays. The other from a fellow down in Ballarat Phil they were rather in need of much work as spokes were bent bent but the grip rims were fine and were the type which bolt on not screw on.

So in using the dowel jig to line up to guide the drill four new holes were drilled into Belinda's rims fitting Phil's grip rims I now have a set of spare rims. At least these rims have spokes which are laced unlike my present rims which flex often.

 I think its time it had a clean up to remove some surface rust also.

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