Sunday, March 29, 2015

Warped & Twisted

Sue has a warping board which she was given to her some years ago, but the dowels were only nailed or secured by a screw to the frame and were shorter than she would prefer.

A trip to Masters  big blue shed and she chose some Poplar board 60x20x 1200 and dowel 25 x 1500. Poplar is a hardwood but very light weight.

Frame size is 1100x450 with 14 dowels and 16 holes all taped and threaded. This makes storing much easier and a main part of Sue's request for easy storage. A number of coats of Minwax wipe on polly to seal and finish it.

I just used lap joints secured with glue and riven pins.

 One dowel hole tapped off square darn it.

A warping board is used to prepare the material be it wool, silk, cotton or some other for the warp on a loom. The weft is the strands which run through the warp which run from rear to front which is the base for the weave.

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