Friday, October 16, 2015

Oak Mortar and Pestles

Its been a while since posting much has happened since June.

Winter brought about some days where the garage was just to cold to head into even with the door closed and small fan heater going.

We survived the chills, had a trip to Toowoomba (another post possibly), Sue's mum took a turn for the worst while we were away and passed away a week after we got home.

I wont mention the recovery time required for my lower back and shoulders after a shower seat in a motel in Coffs Harbour collapsed, Oh it was a newly installed screwed to the wall with just 4 self tappers into plaster board.

Minding Christian and Brodie our grandsons a few days during the school holidays and a couple of weekends.

So now time finish off some projects and get back on track.

Sue and Lor (the lady I made the 3 tier cake stand for) both asked me at some stage to make a Mortar and Pestle for them.

Made out of fresh cut English Oak (thanks Pat Keefe) wringing wet it was so it got nuked/mcirowaved to aid drying time.

Pestles are not Oak but an unkown Aussie hardwood.

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