Friday, October 23, 2015

Tool Box Handles

I guess tool box designers do not use the things they design, nor do they suffer with such as arthritis, loss of strength or have fat fingers.
I reckon they also don't have hands and fingers which may have oil on them which doesn't help either.

How anyone can reach down and grab barely a finger tip grip draw pull when draws are filled with tools etc is beyond me.
Do they just test these with empty draws? I guess they also sit not stand and have to reach down to open them.

I have just had to fit additional handles yet again to draws of another tool trolly/box so I can open them.

Only the White International boxes I have were ever factory fitted with decent hand grip type handles and I see even they now have gone the way of others.

This is similar to my handles in the  photo below on White International tool boxes and trolleys that I have. I know White International do not manufacture their own, they are made in Geelong Victoria or were.

The new style handles are folded or rolled over top edges often with a bit of flashing added as seen on the newer SupaTool trolley I have. You can just get enough finger tip in under the edge to open them when the draw is empty.

I formed new handles out of Aluminium 12mm x 5mm strip riveted to the centre with enough room to grab with 4 fingers and grip.   

I am glad I did not outlay for the price of a White International tool box and have to do the above.

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