Thursday, January 14, 2016

Burl and Cake Stand

Good grief last November when we/I last posted anything, so many reasons for the lag. The main one being my right shoulder, neck and arm were suffering RSI due to even short periods of computer mouse use. I had no real problem in the workshop even turning didn't cause the pain or aggravation I was suffering from index finger through to neck. A Cortizone injection has helped heaps my first ever.

Of course from med December brings family commitments through to mid February birthdays, Christmas and more birthdays. Soon it'll be Easter.

So I shall endeavour to cover a bit of whats been happening when we both have had time in a few I hope dated chronology post.

I needed to get stuck in and turn some wood to clear the stash which had been sitting around for some time as well as use my shoulder, arm and hands to exercise them.

A series of turnings starting with a Bloodwood Burl

A variety of timbers cake stand.

 Camphor platter, Tassie Oak base, Mango stem.

These still need to have final finish applied, due to mostly weather and time and much happening they still sit waiting.

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