Friday, January 29, 2016

Norfolk Pine x3

Some time ago 

The remaining logs were buried behind and under stuff and I was concerned they may have rotted to the point best thrown in the bin or fire.

I thought only two remained it gave me the soft material to turn while recouping from my shoulder and to strengthen it I hope.

All three were turned end grain straight down the centre.

Vessel one turned down to 1.5mm wall thickness, soaked with Almond Oil using a spray bottle left overnight or some times days before turning again.

 First of the logs. I cut off the branch protrusions prior turning and de-barked as much as I could.

Internal deep hollowing was made far easier using Neil's Swan/Goose Neck too he made for me. It allows flexibility seen here with four knuckle joints. i found that difficult so removed two much better stability.

 Below first coats of oil which helps stabilise the timber.

More turning and the light starts to shine through the branch knots very spooky.

Just about there i reduced wall thickness further from this photo, the base area left heavy to give weight.

New neighbours moved in across the road and one of their chooks called over to see what was happening.

The longest of the logs became a Vase a shape that just came to mind looking at the spalting after roughing down.

Again branches and bark removed prior turning. I drilled down the pith as far as my bit would reach. The steady rest got a work out also.

 Above left some epoxy was required around the knot/branch holes much of which was turned away by the time I finished.

 Using my home made depth gauge and home made carbide long reach tool I used it to hog out as much waste as possible.

Wall thickness down to approx 5mm. Hollowed out in the bulb area to the same

Oiled and ready for final finish. Approx 13" 330mm high

Vessel three different vase shape

This became interesting and pushed my skills level the wall thickness is about 7mm at the base and bulb end. While neck and mouth are 5mm the under cut lip 3mm and less.

More epoxy to fill vods around the branch/knots.

Steady on.

As I could not see let alone feel the bottom of this one the neck opening is just 40mm 1 1/2" I had to use this tool a round nosed scrapper to remove the nipple and flatten the bottom best I could.
 The under cut lip below

 Progress photos below.

All done during December through January slow going as we had rain, 40C and a lot on.

I will post additional photos of all three when final finish is applied.

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  1. Nice work Ray. I particularly like Ro undercut lip on the last one.


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