Thursday, February 4, 2016

Turnig Tools and Storage Box

For the last few years my turning tools have been stored in 2 plastic buckets the larger 10lt one has/had PVC tubes in it to separate the tools and bring some order and ease of getting them out. An increase of replacements of a bowl gouge by two and a number of home made and some specially made by friend Neil for specific jobs meant it was becoming over crowded. Difficult to get tools out the smaller 5lt bucket had the midi tools stored I wanted a simpler combined storage.

Before the corner looked like this.

The box is ply with tongue joints more PVC tubs cut and now the corner at the end of the lathe is cleaner more user friendly and easier to access the tools.

 Now the corner looks like this. I have some more PVC tubes to add to it yet, but all tools midi and standard plus special tools all in a handled box.

These are two of the tools made by Neil a Hook tool which I made the handle for Neil welded the parts together.

 The Hook and shaft are Stainless Steel. I have used three grub screws to retain the shaft and marked it for length with in the tube/handle. Ken machined a flat along the shaft so the grub screws hold better.

The Swan or Goose neck deep hollowing tool used on all three Norfolk Pine projects. The steel shaft fits into a handle I had already although Neil had machined a section so it could be fitted to a wooden handle. It is shown here with four stainless steel knuckles, I found this to be to cumbersome so removed two for now. I have already made another cutter out of an old broken hex key.

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