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February 2017

February 2017

Its been a summer which has seen weather records broken for maximum temps and number of days where temp was over normal maximum for the South East of QLD. Our own Barometer on the back veranda reach 45C. Mean while in Western Sydney they
So its been a slow month.
The little bench is now completed just under 1m long 380 wide and 450 high.
During routing the mortice I ran off for some reason, I glue in a piece and re-routed the rail slot.
I’ll put it down to the heat one of the seat rails warped so it had to be replaced no amount of clamping was going to bring it back to straight.
This one is more portable so we can move it about or use it as a coffee table.
This months backyard, over the fence visitor was a Coucal Phesant 
It had us stumped at first.

Sue’s never one to sit idle either, she has been  dying some beautiful fibres as well as carding. It was so hot she used the sun to heat the container.

Today 12th March Sue finally cut the weaving off. Sue had to dye more fibre and spin it to get this length a total 2.8m. 60cm wide. Yet to be fulled.
Where the two light blue threads are is where our granddaughter Bianca and grandson Nathan wove when they were here.

We had a visitor come up from Sydney Dave Dicker, he came bearing gifts from another two friends Alan Flett past on his old Millers Falls Horizontal Wet grinder. Thanks Alan.

Neil (Hughie) had sent up some real nice Blackwood and some metal as well and bits n pieces. Thanks Neil.
Dave also brought up my 3 boxes from Belinda of my Yesteryear Models and two other scale models that I have not touched in over 30 years. One a Bentley has never been started.
During the same week parcels from two other friends arrived.
Henry had scored some Stanely No45 bits which I paid him for it now gives me 3 missing thumbs screws, the missing longer depth foot and the much prized short bars and Cam Rest. Thanks Henry.

Pat sent Sue up some Chilli’s the Red California is now the worlds hottest chilli, Sue has not tried it yet and the seeds will be used to hopefully grow her own.
The Orange Aji Chilli’s although Pat said they were Princess ??? Thanks Pat

Sue broke a hammer handle so I am on making a replacement as well as one for the hammer head bought recently. The remained of the Jarrah is also for handles files as well as chisels.

While Dave was up we took him along the River Walk and he took us to the Rail Museum.

Hows these shots Sue took of the Carpet Python just a young one, the nut is about 19mm.

Thanks Dave for everything.

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