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Toowoomba Swap Meet February 5th

Toowoomba Swap Meet February 5th

While at Allora swap meet were found out about Toowoomba swap meet on the 5th February. A friend from Townsville rang a few days prior the show and lamb bastered me for not telling him about it. Seems he was coming down for work on the Monday after. He sourced flights etc and rang Friday to say he was down and shopping at Carbatc, Hare and Forbes and Gregorys Machine. He came over late afternoon bearing a cake. Great catching up with Richard.
We organised to meet up on Saturday which we did some time early afternoon at Toowoomba he had been there early gates opened at 6am. Sue and I running late arrived about 8ish.
Acres of stalls so large we only got around 1/6th of the grounds, still we did dodge the auto sellers stalls.
An aerial view of the show ground.
This is a car restorers dream, a hot rodders have for parts, a machine restorers scrounge barn. Oh and tool lovers heaven.
A few photos of what was on offer and video.
img_2647 img_2648 img_2649 img_2650 img_2652 img_2655 img_2656 img_2657 img_2659 img_2660 img_2662 img_2664 img_2665 img_2668img_2666
img_2671 This plant stand almost came home with us. I see a future project.
img_2673 This plane is 1m long Sue is holding it.
Below is a two part Bandsaw blade sharpener and kerf setting machine.
img_2674 img_2675 img_2676
A very short video of the above in action.

img_2678 A rare Stanley chamfer plane.
img_2679 img_2680 img_2681 img_2682 img_2684 img_2686 img_2687 img_2689
Below is what we did buy.
Sue bought the bracllet lot, Brass Vase and scissors.
img_2691 img_2693
Me a pair of Bonsai pruning shears, Dogs for the Myford, Ball pein hammer and additional head. Arkansas wetstone. Stanley No 151 spoke shave, Stanley N078 Rebate plane.
Dial Indicator mini magnetic stand. Yankee screw driver, Bradawl and a box of taps, dies and holders in it was the Japanese thread gauge.
img_2695 img_2696 img_2697 img_2699  img_2701  img_2700 img_2712 img_2715 img_2716 img_2717 img_2719 img_2720 img_2721 img_2702
Its well over 35 years since I went to a swap meet they have grown.

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