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January 2017

January 2017

The year started of very quiet for Sue and I.
Soon the quiet was broken by sounds of neighbours tree being felled. I did get a few little bits. of Blue Gum. Sue had never seen this sort of work done before and was fascinated at the skill required to climb, fell each branch without damage and slicing it up.
p1100434 p1100435 p1100446 p1100450 p1100503 20170104_133020
Shortly into the new year we had Peter, Jaclyn, Nathan and Bianca come up for a few days. It was great to have them here and we enjoyed all our time with them.
We had visits with them to water parks, river strolls, shopping, the gallery. Peter cleaned the gutters for us thanks son. Within days of you leaving we had torrential rain 110mm.
There visit gave the outdoor table a real good test.
20170105_123842    20170105_123720
The Art Gallery often hosts hands on activities for kids, this time it was “Construction Zone”. The all got in and created wall mounted marbel/ball run. Thats their one on the left most had been removed theirs was left up.
Another section of the Gallery had a packing wrap maze where kids climbed and slid through.
Next came foam building block challenge all four built an amazing large single room. Can’t half tell they have experience in stacking and brick laying.
img_2523 20170107_104901   20170107_104551  20170107_104909
The Ginger Bread house Sue had made was devoured.
On our Breamer River walk was a warm one, it was low tide on the other side in the sandy muddy bank we noticed drag marks and slide marks between those drag marks much like a Croc makes.
January also brings about birthdays lots of family and friends share in the month.
Sue turned 60 me 61.
20170115_081656 20170115_081856
Max has taken to living here so well he often guards the garage while I work. No way would he do this down in Hinchinbrook he use to run off up the street.
Summers here for sure, humidity sapping energy at times cool breezes keeping it bearable, so workshop wise slow going.
A quick screen door repair to the lock and handle.
20170125_152602 20170125_152644
Roses blooming
p1100561 p1100564
Oh and right on New Year my disc/belt sander decided to have a stop work situation, what I thought was a simple toothed drive belt replacement became a major overhaul. I’ll post the whole story as a new post..I’m still waiting on a replacement part although its reassemble.
p1100468 p1100556 p1100553
I’ve added to my tool collection when a neighbour brought some of his old gear over for me Eric was a fitter and turner by trade ex-BHP/Lysahrt Wollongong and QLD rail.
In the bag was two magbase dial indicator stands and dial indicators to go with them. An Engineer scribing post, set of V-blocks and Engineer rasps, assorted files, Engineers hand book and Eric’s personal notes. Roll of Emery paper and box of Loctite.
I finally opened my Christmas present from Sue a Stanley No 45 plane. Its a restoration project all in original box with a set of standard cutters.
Oh can’t forget picking up some unwanted timber being tossed out.
20161231_151958 20161231_152033
Sue took some photos of tree’s which had been blown down during the storms.
20161219_060235 20161219_060253 20161219_060310
In a park.
20161219_061820 20161219_061909
Sue Lichen this so much she took its photo, Lichen is used in dyeing fibre.
Along the walk way.
20161230_062825 20161230_062838
Sue had set up the loom again and its well underway. however she had to dye more fibre and spin it to continue.
20161231_165603 20161231_165620 20161231_16563020170116_123933
I dropped a magbase Dial indicator stand on my fetlock.
Our last outing for January we went up to Allora to the Vintage Machinery and Swap Meet, meeting up with an old work mate from my coach driving years Mark Baker.
Lost to see never enough time. Yes i bought some tools A Spider gauge used by Coach Builders horse drawn type. Yes I am one never used one. Two sets of blades/cutters for the Stanley No45 some the same as I have but mostly additional.
20170128_155813 img_2643 img_2635 img_2646
Machines, cars, tools all sorts just a few photos to finish off the month.
img_2539 img_2554
The Chicago Stewart Handy Worker vice below on left is rare. As is the machine Belt lacer on the right.
img_2555  img_2559img_2556  img_2560
img_2580a img_2586
Note the D Shackle. Elements of my trade Coach builder/Motor vehicle Builder having taken part in some Vintage and Veteran restoration work in the past.
img_2594 img_2602  img_2603 img_2606a  img_2617 img_2597
No matter what historical vehicle show there is always a Model T this one stands out in the line up.
img_2608  img_2628img_2624  img_2626
Sorry for such a long post and lots of photos believe me there could have been far more.
I had a phone call saying a comment had been left on one of the blog posts, sorry can’t locate it.

Sue and Ray

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