Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stanley No45 Router Plane Restoration Part 1

Stanley No45 Router Plane Restoration Part 1

Through a forum member selling an old Stanley No45 plane I became its next owner thanks to Sue who gave it to me as a Christmas present.
The plane came as these photos below show in an original box although the lid is not original .
These were Steve’s photos he post on the forum.
img_2517 img_2518 img_2519 img_2520
My unpacking for inspection. Yes covered in grime, surface rust lid in place, original standard cutters and booklet.
p1100376 p1100377 p1100378
Noted: I noticed a few missing thumb screws, an additional hex bolt in place of another. No short bars and the emission of the latter addition of the Cam Rest a much sort after item. The cutters are in fine condition little surface rust and some still have an edge.
I didn’t photograph the total disassembly more a before and after soaking the metal parts in a vat of Vinegar over night or over a few days for stubborn dirt rust and grime.
p1100576  p1100575
During removal of all and sundry from the main body was when I found the broken casting area for the lock screw for the depth guide. This doesn’t render the plane unusable though.
I have spoken to someone will to Braze weld a repair so I can then re-machine and cut  a new thread.
The Rosewood Knob and handle both in good condition. I like the Tiger grain very much this was taken after a clean up and light sand.
All the small bits, screws cutters etc soaked in white Vinegar  dipped in clean water to rinse then sprayed with WD40.  Scrubbed using a BBQ stainless steel scrubbing brush.
The Fence and out rigger skate both fitted into the vat. I was reluctant to soak the main body with the handle still attached. I brushed on Vinegar and used battery drill with a brass wire brush attached to clean it up. Again sprayed with WD40.
p1100581 p1100582b
p1100583 p1100583damage p1100584 p1100585
Two packs of additional cutters were bought at Allora Swap Meet, these have also been cleaned up of surface rust. Some are double up of what I already have, further cleaning required.
img_2637 img_2646
Just this morning on the woodworkforum a reply to my post on the restoration/call for help. Henry whom I know from Sydney scored some parts at Bathurst swap meet, I have bought these off him at cost plus postage.
They are in the mail thanks Henry.
Among the parts are two short rods which I didn’t have, the larger depth stop a spare skate with three thumb screws. Best of all the much wanted, sort after, prized, treasured Cam Rest.
image image2
Well that is where I shall leave this for now. It has been packed away until I see the fellow about the weld repair. Also other projects can continue and we have a visitor arriving for a short stay.

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