Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lots of Odd Jobs

As always around the home lost of need to do ASAP jobs crop up as well as time for our selves.

 I needed to remove 15mm from the front door inside ramp as the  25mm+ wedge thin edge was to high and difficult to wheel out backwards with.

Cut up into turning blanks some of the Blue Gum from the neighbours removed tree.

Picked up some new tool box adornments from Hare & Forbes open sale day.

Sue has been busy in side and out more Marmalade  Lime and Ginger this time.

Major garden remake with planting of some new fruit trees. Avocado, replace a few Lilli Pilli a Mandrin and a Poinciana.

Carding, Dying fibre and spinning Alpaca 51 batts of Black Opal, 27 of the Eucalypt dyed Alpaca and 30 batts of the Green solar dyed commercial acid dye.

Removing the weaving.
This being a Mohair warp a Merino silk, Cotton and Flax weft spun after winning the Flax batt at Tamworth show almost 22 years ago.
282cm x 61cm coming off the loom. 277cm x 59.5cm after fulling

There was approx 6cm woven by Bianca with Nana's help and approx 4cm by Nathan on his own.

A baking day, Banana cake, Ginger and Date, Apple pies, ANZAC's, Muffins, Chester slice with Chocolate..


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