Monday, May 1, 2017

Melaney Wood Expo 2017

Melaney is an inland hinterland village located in the most lush surroundings with an most pleasant drive into and out of especially if going via Woodford and Kilckoy. The views are spectacular over looking the Glass House Mountains and valleys, (sorry no photos this time).

Melaney Wood Expo

We have been to Sydney wood show, Kiama Woodies show, Newcastle wood show if you rolled all those into one thats Melaney. The total relaxed atmosphere along with the Landcare Enviromental displays as well as wood and tool merchants. Music plays in the background all around the grounds. Wheelchair access is generally good but grass, entry to pavilions means a strong helping hand due to incline of ramps and roads.

Meeting up with friends old and new during the day.

The expo not just about vendors but artisans and hands on try outs.

Left to right Richard (Old Croc), Alan (Uncle Al), Myself, Neil (Dei Sensei)

Below my purchases a 800x200x150 Australian Red Cedar. A mixed bag of off cuts Concalberry, Red Gum,  Purple Gidgee.

 One Monday Richard came over and we had a play with the new hollowing tool on a piece of Jacaranda.

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