Monday, April 24, 2017

Fruit Of Thy Labour

Sue has been making jams and an Asian style dipping sauce both out of Plums.

A beautiful Plum jam went well with the fresh made scones.

Asian spicy dipping or marinade sauce and yes it has a kick.

The jars on the left are the Asian Sauce.
The garden in the back yard got a bit of a make over, as well as some lawn weeding by Sue who has meticulously and methodically been removing the Paspalum, the commercial stuff just seemed to make it grow more. The 3rd photo below shows the extent of the area she has done but thats only this section. She has also done a majority of the area towards the back fence.
The Lemon tree is at last showing signs of new growth, the addition of a Mandarin tree which is still finding its place in the yard.
The Lime bearing fruit, Sue too length to have an Avocado grow from the seed, since taking this photo last week it has grown a further 6".
The Tomato plants she put in Sue had laid down on the ground and like the vine they are one has taken hold of the Uforbia or maybe its a new breed of tomato?

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