Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Madness

March Madness

Its been a strange month weather from 40C to Cyclone Debbie to bring us into April.
Since the previous post the flu dictated daily events some days sitting about not doing much at all others spending half a day in my workshop while Sue spent in the garden weeding the lawn or sitting in the sun doing some sort of craft.
We cancelled going anywhere one because we didn’t fell well enough when getting out of bed or fear by lunch time it could sneak up and take hold again.
At last we both seem to have rejuvenated to be able to spend more time doing things still not venturing far a field tho.
Cyclone Debbie has been and gone but be warned Cyclones are not dictated by BoM or by softwear or APPS.
Warnings had been about for days and a close eye kept on far north QLD where Debbie was to strike it missed Townsville but hit a little further south and then swept down the eastern board into NSW. To those effected be it minor or major a heart felt sorrow is shared.
We were lucky heavy rains and winds a little back yard flooding is all we got in comparison to homes being drowned, business swamped lives lost.
So far we haven’t heard of any Nation out side Australia handing the victims millions in support as Australia does for so many countries around the world. NOT that it is expected but I think many Aussies will be feeling it some who have gone through such devastation yearly.
Sue took two videos of the backyard during early stages of the day it hit hardest after dark and this torrent flowed till about 2am. The whirlpool is one of two backyard drains.

Latter in the day after a larger down pour.

Earlier in the week Sunday, Sue had attended a ” Under The Victorian Womans Skirt” a look at garments and period dress. She even got to try one of the dresses on. Sue in the Red waist coat and Dorothy right in blue.

This month saw the loss of a good friends two sons a week apart, only one of which we knew personally the other was a serving member of the armed forces. To Dave & Barbara our hearts go out in the loss of both.
I was always told when heading back to the wood lathe its best to slowly work back into it after a break and start with between centre turning so thats what I did. I made three handles out of Jarrah for two hammers and a mallet. The mallet handle was the old remains of the broken ball pein hammer, the soft blow mallet rubber ends I got off mate Neil aka Hughie some years ago. The silver painted hammer head was badly rusted and pitted so it was soaked in vinegar for two days. Then mounted in the Myford and machined back to revitalise it.

Some additional hand shaping was required after off centre turning the two ball pein handles.
Thats it other than some projects Sue does for charity of a night time.
Where ever you are who ever you are in the world remember you are never alone some one cares someone loves you there is always some one willing to listen to your deepest concerns in life. Please talk to them hunt them out or be willing when asked to share your burden to lighten your load.

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