Sunday, April 23, 2017

Logging on and Logging Off OR Sweet Cherry

Somehow I had missed posting about the Cherry stump from Jenolan caves House. Thanks goes to good old friends Dave from Oberon who works at Jenolan Caves. In February 2016 Sue and I made a trip to Oberon for the steam fest and catch up with OTGA members. Dave rang and asked if I and the boys would like some timber (originally thought to be Elm). I ended up with a small stash of logs, while the OTGA & some Blue Mountains Woodies returned during that week to get two/three ute loads and two trailer loads. Dave contacted me weeks latter to say they had finally removed the root ball/base would I like it? Hell yeh!! At that stage we had no idea of moving to QLD.
I used to work with Mark & Dave at Silverline Coaches.
Dave acquired, took it home, sealed the cut end, nurtured, stored for just on twelve months and passed onto mutual friend Mark. Mark then took the log on a Tri-state tour before it landed here.
Many Thanks to both.
Mark now has a top job driving oversized loads around the country often picking up some antique machines heading to collectors for restoration.

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