Saturday, April 22, 2017

Laidely Heritage Festival

Laidely is about 40 mins drive into the Lockyer Valley region I think for us the drive through the road works would have made the trip much shorter without them, however they are much needed to widen the road.

We spent a good day at the Pioneer Village with a visit into Laidley proper very late in the afternoon. My only complaint was not being able to get to see the blacksmith at work due to the landscaping at the viewing windows. The wheelchair access ramps to the historical buildings are excellent.
Sue enjoyed the period clothing, lace work and company of the spinners who had set up displays.

Mean while across the road a Horse and Buggy display was in full swing.

 Outside the fence a selection of vehicles which changed throughout the day/

I thought about trading mine in but considered how it would effect Sue. Ha ha.

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