Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jumpers and Jazz Warwick 2017

Saturday 22nd July, a trip to Warwick which sits on the junction of The Cunningham and New England Highways in QLD.  Located in The Southern Downs region and holds its Jumpers and Jazz festival annually. A rural country atmosphere with tinges of modern life, a cool climate in winter and scorching in summer.

A day trip is not long enough to see all there is in and around the township and with the festival its entertainment and exhibitions still two days will be full of things to see. Allow time to sit and soak in the atmosphere as you listen to the music, the jazz was a mix but not over the top. I am not one into jazz generally but enjoyed that which was played and sung.

The people who created the displays have gone to extreme lengths to make you study the finished items and often you see people coming back to particular ones to photograph more or just gaze and see what else they find children and adults alike.

Look about tho because you may miss something.

Oh its held over 10 days so don't panic its not a weekend rush job.

Cunning advertises these people.  She read the sign and without hesitation walked in leaving me to roll round on my own. Shane no tool stores near by.

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