Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great 3 day Visit from our freind Dave

Our friend Dave Dicker drove up from Sydney for a few days R&R well a  change of scenery anyway. He arrived just before lunch Thursday, time spent catching up chatting and enjoying the sun. Then checking out photos he had taken on trips he'd been doing since last time he was here.
Dave has produced a number of photo travels books of his own, mainly as gifts to friends and family. These are coffee table books of which we now have four.
Thanks Dave.

We had spoken of possible outings Friday morning was a drive out to Laidley Pioneer Museum via Rosewood and Gloucester and lunch in Laidley.

Saturday was a drive to Mnt Coot-tha Lookout ad a wander around the Botanical Gardens. Poor Dave and Sue having to push me up some steep inclines, the last one was a harrowing experience for the three of us. Next time we'll stick to the wheelchair advisory map route I think.

Dave headed home early Sunday morning after a serve of home made panckakes.

Dave brought with him a package/box of stuff from another friend Neil/Hughie watch for the post on "whats in the box".

Friday prior going out I got Dave to hammer in some star posts for Sue Passion Fruit vine and garden watch fro progress on that.

Photos above are those Sue or I took. Below a selection of Dave's photos.

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