Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Years Project

Enter the New Year and we had some friends over for dinner during the break. Alan brought me a restoration project he'd rescued from his neighbour who was having a clean out of the garage. It was destined for the skip. Alan assure it could be fixed, he obviously has faith in me not sure why.

The piece was/is a family heirloom 200+ year old Hebridean Spinning wheel the owners descendants had brought it with them from Scotland. A well used wheel in its day. It was missing a leg, broken adjustment knob used to tension the drive belt, one of the tower supports for the maiden was also broken.

This wheel looks to be hand worked rough hewn form English Oak the underside of the base is as it would have been when created.

I'll post progress reports on restoration as I go.

This what it should look like

In the mean time to see a complete Hebridean Wheel visit Spinning Fishwife's Blog and some additional photo's


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