Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beauty with in.

In life as in nature we find often beauty is hidden, often close to the surface or deep inside, the same is true for Burls. I'll allow Wiki to explain what a Burl or Bur is on a tree.

I have a couple of small Burl's I have had for some time, more recently I was given 2 by a member of the OTGA and purchased one from Greg Ward.
The two burls off Tony the large dia one on the bottom I have already trimmed  done to turn as a shallow bowl.

 The other is much deeper a more dense type of wood both sourced from down Braidwood. 

 Deep Bowl  right and left both.
 Below left large dia side 1, below right other side.

This is the one from Greg Ward 900x330x65 Blackbutt Burl. I had a play with Corel Photo (see photo below) and came up with book leafing joint for a table top if I slice it length ways making each approx 20mm thick.  

This should be the last timber I procure for a while as its time to start using not storing and drooling over it. I was offered some lovely fresh Olive today fresh cut, I admired the root ball it was a good size.

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