Sunday, September 25, 2011

A weeks R&R Port Macquaire

 Taking a drive north of Coffs Harbour to Woolgoolga which has a large Sikh population. Lunch and then back to Emerald Beach for afternoon tea and a walk along Moonee Beach Reserve headland. Thanks Meri for the heads up a wonderful walk.  Coffs has an abundance of markets weekend and the Thursday fresh produce market which we head to just prior leaving. Picking up 3 ks of Honey and some fruit for on the road.

 Mal from Boutique Timbers has always said about dropping in when passing. Always call before hand just in case he's delivering  or at a show. However his son was at home. A nice drive so I thought, Sue will be speaking to Mal on her feelings about his driveway. A word of caution if its raining DON'T visit.

 The main reason for a 2 night stay at Port Macquarie was The Hastings Woodworkers via the Woodwork Forum had announced they were holding their annual woodshow. Also in Port at the same time a Photographic conference and car show unfortunately we could not make the latter two. I have to hand it to the Hastings club for an excellent show its layout, the members works and support by such as Artizan's Retreat incorporating Trend Timbers, Helen Harris Scroll Saw supplies and New England Woodworking supplies.
Treadle Lathe

Raffle Prize
Some of the models they make including the Wells Fargo Coach.

 Sue took all these photos in both the previous and this post using her Lumix digital camera. I took along my trusty yet to be developed Canon EOS 100 film SLR and video camera.
 Port Macquarie as the sun was setting.

 Thanks Sue for a wonderful trip.
19th October update to this post.

I finally picked up 4 rolls of developed photos today from the Canon EOS100 which I reckon through threat of being replaced by Digital produced some great photos. A new battery may have helped.

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