Sunday, September 11, 2011


The weather has been all over the place for the last month or so not totally preventing me enjoying myself in the workshop or Sue in the garden, come to think of it I spent a day attending some of my Bonsai before the warmer weather arrives.

So why a title of legless?

While at the eldest sons I discovered a broken chair leg so I made a new one.


While sanding a platter on the lathe my hand took quite a wack my thumbnail turned black and blue as you can see my index finger and 2nd finger knuckles also copped it very sore for a few weeks ok now.

Mean while Sue got busy creating legless mice for all the grandchildren 4 in all, only three here as Christian found the first white one and took a fancy to it then asked Nana for a brown mouse for Brodie. Nathan and Bianca  found theirs just as quick when visiting for fathers day.

Not quite legless but out having some fun at a 30th birthday for a good family friend.

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