Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hebradian Progress

Updating the blog has taken a back seat for while only because I wanted to post more than less of what I have been doing mainly because much of it has been time consuming.

The long drawn out progress of the Hebridian spinning wheel is I am happy to say at a stage I am happy with.

It has been assembled, all be it so I can continue. So I could fit the footman/treadle, sadly the old one was not in a repairable condition. Fit the legs, the tenon's of the legs have over the years shrunk in size so a wedge was fitted to expand and hold them in, not overly tight just enough so if it is picked up they will not fall out. One new rod for the footman as the old one had rusted away to a tapper at one end. Drill the holes for the rod in both the legs and footman. Stain match the piece of one leg which had to be repaired.... Stain the adjustment handle...Stain the footman to be inline with what was on there, I felt that this may have been a repair/replacement as the timber was Cedar not Oak which I have replaced it with.

 I made a new leather maiden/flyer carriers some time back and have fitted these and the maiden uprights to check alignment, same with the wheel carriers. There is a fair amount of wear on the uprights where the flyer has obviousy been running over the many years. This shows how much this wheel must have been used. Same with one of the wheel uprights. Hard to see in the photos is the repair to one of the tops of the uprights, the only thing holding it together ws one of the lock pins for the axle of the wheel. I did take photos of the repair I will try locate them and add it later.

Edited 1000hrs Sunday additional photos.

 Left the old treadle with the broken/rotted section and splits. Right the new one.

Above the three legs and two of the wedges used.

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