Saturday, April 14, 2012

Old Grinder to New Tool

I obtained this old 6" bench grinder which was my father in laws who passed away a few years ago. This has now become a tool for forming ornamental cuts on turned articles. The base was removed and changed to operate the machine in the opposite direction. A good friend Ken machined up a shaft 4" with a 1/2" internal dia to hold 3 differnent size cutter heads (very much like long bore shafts on a machine lathe). The 4" may seem excessive with the addittion of the cutter head it will give me a versatile set up.

 The two cutting head shwon here take 3/16 HHS tools Ken also made up a step down one to take 1/8" HSS. The fit of the extention shaft is tight with no play and no out of balance with the fly type cutter head attached. Thanks Ken for time effort and a great job.

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