Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Scent of Rosewood

Open the workshop/garage door and the scent of Rosewood is hard to miss with making the 3 tier stand. I picked up more Rosewood from Boutique Timbers down at Kiama Wood show a nice size slab from which I hand cut another 14" blank for another platter.

 Similar to the middle platter of the three tier one this is roughed down, a little more shaping to do yet.

The Woodfast 4" chuck its mounted on I picked up at Hare & Forbes/Machinery House last Novemeber during their 3 day sale. I have not found any problem with it, no run out or vibration etc. Its ease of operation with it 4" jaws and single T-bar tool make it effortless mounting work.  The design of the dovetail jaws is excellent and holding power with even a small dovetail mortise.

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