Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A wifes request becomes a husbands gift.

Having finished the 3 tier Cake Stand of Rosewood Boutique Timbers showcased my work (Thanks Mal & Greg).
Daniel from For Love Of Wood who is the blogpage organiser for Boutique Timbers had his lovely wife view the platters and she mentioned she would like a single cake stand be made, this became expanded to doing a 3 tier.
Daniel had sourced Huon Pine again all wood supplied by Boutique Timbers.
Now Daniel is a very talented man with a love for photography. his work gives him a fine opportunity many would love to have.

Daniel looked into his stock of Huon and found these.

Parcel arrived Monday was sent Friday from Newcastle region. Huon can be either dull and boring or some spectacular and interesting inclusions. Daniel's selection has some variety, just hope I can retain some during the turning process.

I am just hoping there is enough stock and the butt joined 18" will hold together during turning.These photos are prior cutting into rounds of 10", 14" 18" for the platters. 4 square for the columns and finials. A base piece for the 14" and the small 90 and 80mm for the flange section.

 The stock all cut and ready to go.


  1. This is an interesting one Ray. Huon pine is so lovely to work.
    After your previous tiered stand, this one will look great I'm sure.

  2. Hi Tom.

    I am hoping so, its like many things improvements come along. The challenge here is the colour of Huon and how to make it stand out and not be over bearing.


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