Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Unexpected Outlay

When fate intervenes. We had planned our day almost down to the last minute. Dropping off the PC at Techies to fix/replace under warranty Blue Ray and have more memory put in laptop. Visit Sue mum in the nursing home at Bexley, after pick up PC and laptop. On way home get new tyres for the wheelchair.

So after unplugging everything from the PC (now bare in mind I have to climb out of the wheelchair down to floor level to do this and back again when done.). Out to the car, Sue carries PC etc me sitting waiting while she puts the wheelchair in the back........
."Bloody hell"...
."Whats up"?
"Your chairs broken"!!!
"Yeh right"
Brings wheelchair round flopping all over the place, one of the main centre stays has snapped clean in 1/2 right at the bolt joint.

Pc is carried back indoors.

I am stuck in the car so a search for a wheelchair shop near by. Find 2 one Moorebank, One Ingelburn. Closest first, I won't go into denigration mode but people who sell wheelchairs should have some common sense .........Nooot in this store. No disabled toilet, wheelchairs for trial all have flat tyres, no cushions. Here try this see how you like it.

We had the choice of direction to take to Ingelburn ......yep chose the one which had major traffic accident didn't we if taken the other we could have saved 30mins.

To the great people at Aidacare - Healthcare Equipment Solutions
I had CUSTOMER CARE from the time Sue had to go in and explain she required a wheelchair to bring me in. Measuring up, technical guy's involvement, swapping some of my old chairs stuff to new chair. Adding new front castors and my old forks, adjustments and we were out of the just after 1.30. Thanks heaps guys.

Pity the cost of such to all disabled is so darn high $800 for a good quality wheelchair,
I am not complaining in regard to Adicare people as additional work and fitting was all inclusive. No Centrelink or medical benefits covers these expenses.

The new Charioit nicknamed "Moody Blues"
Yes cheaper are available but its used everywhere, everyday and then some. Oh my old one has been 4x4 often just ask Fletty or Sue, additional weights of large burls eh Pat.

I guess last Saturday weeks getting thrown out of the chair due to front wheels being bogged in sand 4", me having a face plant almost may not have helped perched like drunken bird teetering between 1/2 full and half empty (you know the ones). Glad there's no photos of that predicament a doz 80 yr old ladies trying to assist.

Mind you we saw a darn nice electric Scooter while out at Ingelburn.

Photos to come of all.

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