Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Another Day at The Office"

These were a commission, Fletty very cautiously asked not knowing if I was anti-gun (he'd been ordered to by higher authority). He soon found out my brief history with firearms. From shooting rabbits with my Uncle Ramshaw back in the UK, then with my Uncle Roy, cousins and Eric Simms and his brother at times up around Tea Gardens Pine Forest in the 60's. A boyfriend of mothers got me involved in shooting at a range, I was about 13 at the time a variety of weapons including shot guns.
Only a few times years later did I come into contact with any sort of firearm, once as a coach driver while taking Military personal to an International shoot tournament up at Port Stephens, I had chance to fire at targets a Steyr and SLR.

Fletty ordered the Bolt Action Pen kits from PSI in USA. He had been to the Sydney Woodshow were I organized for Nick Ellis another friend to pass on some acrylic cammo blanks x2 (thanks Nick).
The 3 kit selection comes in Gold and copper tip this was to be wood blank, I used a burl possible Blood Wood. Silver and copper tip using the normal Army Cammo blank. Gun Metal and copper tip choice was an   Urban Cammo blank.

Only one I am not happy with is the Army cammo blank not enough mix of acrylic for my liking appears to be to dark due to amount of brown and lack of lighter colours.

I await Mr Fletts verdict on the one he chose for himself that of Gold and wood.

An update 24th August. Fletty has picked up his pen avery happy chap indeed. I am now the proud recipient of the other two. Think I'll keep the Gun Metal for myself.

I found out also 043turning here in NSW is now importing the kits, have already ordered 4 more a special order. 043turning's link to the right in our friends list.


  1. Ray,
    finally got here my computer allowed me to see your page with out crashing .
    Very nice pens , .
    Im off to look for a new comp.


  2. Thank's Kev.

    Get as much ram as you can I have 16gig in the new one.


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