Monday, November 11, 2013

Bobbin Along

Prior injuring my shoulder (yes I am back stepping and back posting), it could have been while moving things about looking for wood, parts etc I did the injury.

I had cleared the bench created room and started once again on the spinning wheel restoration and the new build well parts the of. 

I prep'd enough material to make 9 Bobbins 3 for the restoration and the remainder for the new build. English Oak used for the ends and Cyprus Pine for the shafts.
The shafts are drilled larger than the shaft making enough clearance for it to run. The ends of the shafts I form a tenon and mortise the Oak ends drill them at the shaft size+ loose but not too loose. Glue the sections together and then turn to finished size this is best way to true them up (nothing worse then a rattly bobbin TV volume has to be turned up or it running out of true visually annoying) 

I formed the shape and the V required for the drive belt sanding and testing with a bit of fibre to make sure they are smooth and it doesn't catch.

Colour matching the original is still very much hit and miss but they are as close as I can get.

I did make the three Bobbins and colour them to a pre finished state must take a photo and post it also.

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