Friday, November 8, 2013

Yellow Peril Lathe Steady

Its Big and Bright for a Bloke with a Heart just as Big. Pat Keefe whom I came to know via the has over time done many things to help me out. Timber, tools he's found while shopping I might need, dropping by when he can thats a feat on its own Wollongong is down south but sometimes he passes through.

I had a great time making this lathe steady. Its is as can be seen a three arm steady at the moment with abilty to either be used as a four or five with the fitting of two more arms the holes have already been drilled if I had more 19mm rod I would have just made them myself.

Pat has a Woodfast M910 which has a 520mm (21") swing over the lathe bed. I made the opening approx 560mm.

Made out of almost everything I had here at home except M8 nuts for the locks for the arms and the bolts to suit, Pat can choose which type he wants there. 

The tube frame is 30mm x 30mm left over off an old table we have had for over 20 years. Blacksteel 19mm rod for the arms, off cuts of plate for the ways and an off cut bolt 3/4" which incidentally I got off Pat.  This part is major concern the measurements taken by Pat & myself are ok its when I calculated what was required I feel that its to short. I or Pat may have to remove 5mm from the top edge to allow better grip by the nut.

The in-line skate wheels left over from the pair I bought to make my own steady, the nuts and bolts 6mm  where from my old wheelchair.

O the paint I bought the paint also got to match "The yellow Peril" s Pat calls his lathe as close as I could.

I marked out on the rough side of a piece of ply, I used one piece each side cutting the angles on the metal bandsaw in the vertical mode and bending to suit. I have to thank Sue for the help in working out the angles normally I have no problem but a mental blockage for me didn't help.  The 45 deg angle at the ends and forming the four corners, 420mm long top and bottom rail.

Right all drilled and welded using my 35 year old CIG 110 amp welder.

 Below A little to big for the Nova.
 Right  The ways lock bolt and plate.

  The three support arms and wheels. I rebated the bolt heads or if Pat wants he can turn these around and have the nuts rebated.

Painted and final fitting. The shoe lace is thee temp till lock bolts are fitted.

 I was able ro borrow a gassless mig welder from another forum member Neil  to weld the lock nuts on, these I held in place with small magnets I had thanks to Mark my oldest son. Its been over 20 years since welding with a gas mig so there was Cocky droppings I had not seen since my days as an apprentice.

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