Friday, December 20, 2013

A Pen-turn-thon

While Sue has been busy, I took to making and repairing a few pens some I wasn't happy with as well as making a few others kits I had had for some 12 months. My right shoulder I had some how strained including the neck muscles making moving about very had indeed doing this kept me buy while taking my mind off the ache and tenderness. Much deep massage was required along with some magic cream obtained from a local source.

Not everything in pen making goes smooth the Camphor cross cut Bolt Action I had made I had removed to much from the Camphor section making the nib project out to far so a new centre of Camphor was turned at the right length.

A Fountain Pen a Baroness I made some time ago and sold recently had formed a crack this is a replacement again in Tassie Blackwood hope the owner is pleased with this one.

During turning of any material including pens be it wood or acrylic a catch or tool dig in can happen or even material movement. I had such with an acrylic which left half of it intact. I turned the remaining portion  to a clean edge and drilled and fitted a piece of False Ivory this came out better than I had imagined it makes the colour of the top half stand out much more than they would have as a whole.

The Over Under Shot Gun I did also cracked this I think was due to to thin a wall and heat of the day at the recent Luddenham Bi-Centenary or it may have been dropped by someone handling it I am still finishing this one photo's as soon as its reassembled.

I ventured out into the 40C and finished polishing the new cap timber this time Tassie Myrtle Burl.
The old Red Acrylic Cap

 These were new to stock.

A Sierra Zodiac Flat top Gold and Gun metal with a Birds Eye Quilted Burl of Huon Pine the last of these kits I have. Mark from 043turning sent these up.

Lavender Opal matched set of a Sierra Stylus Gold and Gun metal and a Sierra Gold and Gun metal Pencil. Timberbits supplied the Pen kit while Ian Dorney of Hunter Valley pens supplied the pencil kit.

A Sierra Stylus Chrome with English Oak. 

 Black Op's Bolt Action using a black and Yellow acrylic this will be hard to find in the dark.

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