Friday, December 20, 2013

Ginger Bread House's

Sue for many years has made Ginger Bread and Ginger Bread Houses this came about due to my dad's love and request for Ginger Bread. Our three children took to it with vigour and devoured it with relish which delighted their Pop, and so it came to pass that this to became a family tradition. In years gone by its only due to humidity that Sue hasn't made them as the Ginger Bread becomes soggy and the house unstable. 

In doing these Sue has taken to placing Bamboo skewers through roof to give support as the size of family grew so did the house and it also prevents soggy sag.

This year two have been made a smaller one for her mum in the nursing home and one for our family to enjoy.

The smaller one below for her mum.

The larger one

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