Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some Repairs and Maintenance

During my recovery of shoulder injury I have been doing some much needed maintenance and repairs to a few things.

Firstly a rolling pin fix for Belinda of a rolling pin bought by Sue just after we got married. Its a solid 12" x 2" dia which has/had bearings and steel shaft giving free running of the roller between the handles.
The timber shrinkage, years of use had caused the cup and cage bearings to become loose with one small bearing falling out of the cage.

I sourced new sealed bearings from CBC Bearings at Moorebank, turned up a new shaft out of stainless steel, this was to give a better shoulder for the bearing to sit against. The old shaft had little to offer even after turning the spline away which I had to remove to allow the sealed bearing to slide to the shoulder.

The bearings fitted snug but still due to soft timber around the hole and recess I had to make so it would seat into I had to use epoxy to secure it. She is happy with the result.

In bits
Prior rebating for sealed bearings

Sealed and Cup & Cage bearings

Original shoulder of old shaft
The spline for the handle
New Shaft & bearing

Shoulder top old shaft bottom new shaft
Bearing fitted

Mounted to drill mortise for the new bearing


My Scheppac Belt/disc sander has sat loose on the top of my bench for two years it became a case of secure it or have it end up on the floor if knocked or leant on. So a couple of pieces of MDF either side did the trick. The dust hose attachment was to small for the 4" dusty hose off my Hare and Forbes  1hp dusty.
I had made up a quick fix using joiner tape etc but it had become loose and kept falling out. So a modification and fitting a 4" outlet means the hose is now a dream to use.

I have edited the above in regards to Nathan's comment and question.  14th Jan 2014I used a Hare and Forbes reducer I cut off the small section flush and opened the hole to be a snug fit to slide over the Scheppac outlet. Removing the Sheppac front cover I drilled 4 6mm holes and using threaded screws and nuts secured the larger 4" outlet replaced the cover. it now means I can use the 4" dusty hose direct and it does not fall off.

New 4" outlet fitted
 My 6" cheap grinder used to dance the "Shimey" even though secured to the bench top caused by the centre bush being out of round on my Pink HSS wheel. I removed the bush turned up a new whole one made up a new MDF base board, removed the rubber feet and remounted the wheel and grinder. Next was repair to the bent arm of the grinder tool rest I had some 1" 1/2 x 1/4" flat steel I marked out and milled the slot required drilled the hole ad remounted that also.
New base fitted
Pushing the bush out

Milling the slot

Old bracket

New bracket the waste yet to be removed off the top

All refitted


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  1. Getting good use of the wood and metal machinery during the maintenance Ray! I've got a similar sander to your Scheppach. Is it a shop vac you have hooked up to it? How do you join the small vac hose to the 4" outlet?



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