Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pen Display Case MkII

Back in October last year the need arose to store and display pens.

A problem was pointed out by Neil (Dai Sensei) in having to many large diameter pens. He wasn't wrong and so I set about making a new display case.

Timber for the sides was Tassie Oak 35mm deep x 12mm thick, thanks to David Dicker for that Oak.
A sheet of ply thanks to Robo from Cumberland Woodies for that, which came from some old crates he had.

Some brass coated piano hinge I had had for years.

I or i should say Sue did purchased some nice looking catches. I have brass corners to get yet they'll come from McJings.

Leather for the handles thanks to Tony Tuma, hope your smiling down on me old mate.

Sue spent a few days making the new interior, Pene Velvet, mounted on old real estate signs with a layer of felt under.

This is the first box I have made in many years.

Glue up and clamped.

 Checking square and matching prior pre-fit of hinge.

 First Coats:- I used Shellac 2 coats but i didn't darken enough so I sanded then applied Walnut Oil which darkened the ply and exposed  the grain better. Three coats of Wipe on Polly to finish with.

 All assembled just need to get the brass corners.

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