Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Summer Quilt and a Day in the Backyard.

Sue made a nice new Queen size quilt for our bed during the up and coming summer months. It light weight, different each side.

We had a day of relaxing out in the backyard in the sun 24C I needed it to soak up some much required Vitamin D..........and to lightly toast and turn the skin from super white to light tan.

I grabbed Sue's camera (Panasonic point n shoot) and decided it as time I did some photography again. I miss using the old Canon EOS 100 film. Time I lashed out and upgraded still not sure what yet.

 Skink around the fish pond ABOVE.

Lunch RIGHT.

BELOW. Sue spinning



 Last of last years Cherry Tomato these were eaten at lunch. Lemon Grass to the right used in our lemon grass tea and cooking.

Fern font

 Found in almost every suburban backyard..........unless you buy one of the newer homes there is NO backyard.

 I checked out my much neglected Bonsia, got to spend a weekend weeding and trimming soon before its to late in the season. Couldn't do it earlier due to all the rain and cold weather. Sadly I have lost a few more.

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