Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stanley No4 Plus some Very Interesting Books

I got asked by Sonia who works in an Op Shop to check out a Stanley No4 Smoother plane and let her know what I thought and quote its worth. When I saw the photo's I offered to buy it myself as it is boxed and very clean hardly used. Her mum passed it onto Sue yesterday at the spinner meeting. It had some light surface rust, a little sawdust and is a little stiff/tight on some adjustment. I also had to tighten the handle down, this I think is due to timber shrinkage..


 All it needs is a good light clean up a turn on the stone to sharpen it.

One of the other ladies Peggy Dicker who's hubby Phil (passed away some years ago) had been into woodworking and turning passed on some excellent books. I have had a quick browse/flick through only at this stage but I think my favourite will be the Recycling Use and Repair of Tools 

 Interesting also is the Woodcraft Goes to The Opera this is a book of woodcrafters who were in attendance at an Exhibition in 1987 9th to 20th September the list of people who exhibited and their outline is whats in the book. I just noticed the Business sponsors on the reveres side many still around today.

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  1. Now your talking Ray. Great finds and the plane is in excellent condition. I think he jewel is the book on restoring old tools. Much enjoyment there for you. Ahhh... , tool collecting and restoration. Cheers Geoff.


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