Monday, October 17, 2016

Cooking Up A Storm

Cooking Up A Storm

Sue loves to cook trying new things and old Now having the kitchen bench space to work with its going to be a delight sadly I must watch my weight!!! However if you are here you may try.
John aka DoubleBoost has been doing a cooking segment on his tube channel and Sue decided to give one a try with her own twist on it. Puff pastry filled with Cheese, Ham/Bacon and Pineapple. The healthier ones Spinach and Ricotta.
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The stock of home made pickles is getting low and mate Peter Whitehorn has already run out he’s desperate for some. Sue had been stock piling cut up vegies ready for when she got some jars. Six nice size jars all done.
In going to the Historical Open Day there was a stall with the Welsh chapter present and they had taste testing of Barra Birth (no nothing to do with fish) Its a Welsh Fruit Loaf. Also they had Welsh cakes
The latest is a few small jars of Lemon and Apple curd.
Oh almost forgot my Aunty Barb posted on Facebook a surprising recipe for what is a basic pancake stack with Chocolate spread between each layer then baked. Sue knowing I don’t like Chocolate spread did it with Lilli Pilli jam. Goes well with ice cream to.

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