Monday, October 3, 2016

More Lace Work and Gardening

More Lace Work & Gardening

Sue has taken to the lace work as she does with most things intensely and with much commitment to getting it right. She has learnt just as much from small mistakes and having to undo what has been done, going back some rows to rectify to get it right. To the untrained eye we would probably not see it BUT it at times can stand out so badly and foul any progress of the lace work.
These may look like just simple book marks but its a start and according to Madge her instructor/mentor she has come along way in a short time advancing to be able to complete Aunty Vals work. (see previous post)
p1090947 p1090948 p1090949 img_1956 img_1957 img_1967
With some breaks to photograph the native birds there is a pair but catching the two together is a struggle.
img_1961 img_1962 img_1960

We arranged for 2 cubic metres of soil for some veg garden fill as we had bought two Aldi garden bed enclosures. Along with the veg garden which is already producing a variety of things including some real nice tomatoes.
Sue of course had to move that two cube from the front lawn to almost the back fence a task which took three days as well as spreading it over the front lawn and some back lawn.
Ooops nearly forgot she also raise the two concrete slabs and moved them to better access the letter box.
p1100017 p1100016
The clumped variety of tomatoes already.
p1100065 p1100066 p1100064
The Roses we bought are all doing fine these first two blooms from “The Knight” this in a way is a tribute to both our dad’s as each loved Roses and grew them. Its something we have both enjoyed doing also.

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