Saturday, October 8, 2016

Local Historical Society 5oth Open Day

Local Historical Society 50th Open Day

Sue joined the local Spinner Group and the Historical Society being thats where the spinners & Weavers meet. The grounds also incorporate a number of other groups such as Historical Vintage Machinery, Motorbikes and Mine Museum. Just a few minutes drive away a great day out a venue which has many plans to grow.
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There are a number of historical buildings and some new sheds The Spinners & Weavers are located in Brighton House. Sally showing of her Pervian Spinning knuckles and wrists can end up quite sore, her hubby Toby makes the device.
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I had to do a double take a gent walked in I could have almost sworn it was Gandalf QLD style from Lord of The Rings.
His staff a true work of art.
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I have always admired stained glass the process of making it I have watched a number of people do. I can’t cut glass although many attempt has been made so I leave this to those far more artistic than myself.
Look carefully at the photo below???

img_2050 img_2052
A very masterful gent had his display of model steam engines including one made almost completely from wood Red Gum the retainer spring being the only metal part. He tells it runs on steam and I must agree being that “Power stations are steam powered and it supplies electricity to run his compressor which in turn runs the model engine”
img_2054 img_2057

img_2062  img_2061

Those were the days, no helmets, wind in your hair and gravel rash down your back, newspaper wrapped round your legs and inside jackets to keep out the cold.
img_2077 img_2080 img_2082
This old Velocette is similar to the first bike I had a ride on, no not me myself I was about five years old, with my Uncle Ossie way back prior coming to Australia. A day out I/we will never forget. Thank you Uncle for giving me a life time passion for two wheels and the memories.
I recall when arriving home mother came out as we pulled up to find me clinging on to Uncle and fast asleep.
I maybe out of Newcastle but as most of my family and relations were miners this part of the museum has deeper meaning to me. I’ll get better photos when there are no crowds.
img_2087 img_2090 img_2091 img_2092 img_2094 img_2098
Not to forget the traditional owners of this great land performing “The Kookaburra’s Wake up Call”

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