Sunday, April 8, 2018

January February and March a couple of Month of Up's and Downs.

Christmas over and done and we had a few visitors on their way Cousin Keith and wife Avis mid January and again late February.

Also friend Dave Dicker from Sydney who came up somewhere in between Keith and Avis visit. It was supposed to an interesting few days one of Toowoomba Swap Meet which was washed out for us but the Sunday at Old Petrie Town was much enjoyed.

I had a case of going through sun cancer treatment a cream application so 3 weeks of not venturing into the sun or near dust so very little time spent in the workshop.
It all seems good for now. Many years of sun and 25yrs of driving not often enough wearing hats or sunscreen.

These photos are mid way through the treatment at its worst point.

 Slowly clearing up.

Its has now cleared up and back to normal with no dry flaky skin.

A Computer problem which after much delving was found to be a WiFi card dying.
So it was removed a new Solid state drive and new 2T drive added need to get a WiFi set up but it will be external this time for print and file sharing.

Days of getting up and down to the floor saw me with muscles letting me know thy had not been used for a while.

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