Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wheel and Loom Repairs For Damaris.

All things need repair and maintenance from time to time.

Damaris (another friend and spinner) found out when moving her 8 shaft table loom suffered some damage during the last move. Between Sue and I we sorted out what was required, a number of the Heddle ends supports were missing new one made to order by Ray. mean while Sue searched high and low to buy some new much needed springs and replaced the lifting cords. New lock pins to hold the frame together were made by Ray.

 All photos are of during reassembly.

Damaris had scored a spinning wheel from an Auction, it was in a sad state of neglect. The wheel  fellows had separated, this is a common problem as they and the hub or spoke are never glued. It comes about due to shrinkage of timbers over time a simple use of furniture oil will reduce this from happening but not always as ambient temperature plays a major roll. Ray soon had it all hog tied and stored for a few weeks till he acquired some Brass rod to secure it in place.

The completed wheel re-oiled,it has been tested and now runs like a dream.

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