Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stash Weasels on the Prowl

Sue's friend Sally had discovered she had a serious problem seems a Stash Weasel had invaded her home.
Whats a Stash Weasel??

Stash weasels are little guardians of yarn stashes, perfect for gallantly fending off moths and other wool-related menaces! True stash weasels are always accompanied by a small ball of yarn, symbol of their status as protectors of a knitter's, spinners and weavers stash.

This little lad is Murphy a typical Irish Weasel. Sally discovered him in her wool stash a few months ago while hunting for colors for a project. He was curled up in a bit of tissue paper, just hanging out. Sally made him in February and he's been hanging out protecting her stash ever since. He even went traveling with them and was great sniffing out stashes of fibre and yarn.

 Murphy dives right in as soon as he see's a good stash to find the best.

Murphy looked lonely so Sue while having a cuppa discovered she also had a Stash Weasel about., She'd popped in for a cuppa and stayed, Shiobahn pronounced Shibon, also very Irish.

Shiobahn met Murphy via an internet dating service prior a physical meeting where the two hit it off.

She now resides near the front door in a basket of balls of wool slowly being knitted into Beanies for the Beanie festival.

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