Monday, January 7, 2013

Knocked Off My Perch

Lucky escape yesterday and again today.

I use an old gas lift draughtsman stool when out in the workshop puts me at almost standing height  and normal lathe working height. Has wheels two lockable if need be makes getting about the garage/workshop easy.

Yesterday I was sitting sharpening tools, when my son noticed that welds under the seat were cracked 1/4" was all that was stopping me from toppling off in any direction. From a height of about 750mm+.

Imagine me just the day before leaning over while on the stool at full height to pick up stuff I had dropped on the floor. Face plant or over backwards when rolling about the workshop.

Set too today and weld the two cracks, started packing up when due to heat transfer the seal blew lifting the seat off the bench and almost hitting me as it was up-side down.

So now without a stool to work on ATM no wood turning till I get it.   I have a spare but its 45k's away possibly pick it up Wednesday.

I will be checking the welds first.

Just edited 8th Jan 1300hrs I have been using the term "Draughtsman" instead of "Draftsman" . The difference is the correct English spelling of Draughtsman and someone had pointed out it should be "Draftsman" the American spelling. Being English I'll continue with the correct spelling.


  1. You should complain to the supplier :-)

  2. I tried but he's shot through to Port Huon Tassie.

    Geoff if it wasn't for your generous Free giving of the two stools I don't know where' I'd be right now.

  3. Pat your dead right.

    Geoff just spoke to Gas Struts and after I have picked up the spare chair he's going to call in and measure it to make sure they have one.

  4. So Ray...ya' trying to keep up with north korea in launching missles??? :)

    Ed R

  5. Ed when it decided to blow it sounded like a car tire blowing.


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