Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skeins & Spindles

This where and why we started our Blog Skeins (Wool) and Spindles (Wood). We work together and apart to create what ever it is we create at the time and as said "Often their paths cross as Sue delves into wool and Ray makes more wooden things for Sue to play with."

The Skeins light colour are Wool from Fairfield Spinners Guild not dyed at all it is the fleece colour, spun in the grease (lanolin) and then washed.

The coloured were dyed earlier these are Wool and Alpaca as posted earlier in December.

These are all for a joint project between Izzy and myself.

Eleven Drop Spindles made out of off cuts from various woods. Huon and Rosewood segmentation x2, Segmented Spalted Macadamia, Burl, Oak, Elm a couple of unknown timbers. Sue had asked for some fine spin types to replace those which had been seconded by the ladies whom had fallen in love with ones Sue used often when demonstrating.

Leaders and stems and notch fitted by Sue, all tested for weight and balance.

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