Thursday, January 3, 2013

They Come in Three's from Tree's

I had was getting frustrated over the Christmas break due to weather here in Sydney its been all over the place temps of 20C to 35C wet and windy. I couldn't work on what I really wanted to so I started 3 small bowls.

A piece of Coolabah  Burl given o me by Pat Keefe.
A Piece of QLD Beach  given to me years ago by a fellow called Noel from QLD.
A piece of Banksia.

All are approx 120/130mm (5" to 6") dia and 50mm (2") high.

Coolabah  Burl is as Pat say's Concrete like to turn, hard as rock, blunts even the best tools. This piece has some wonderful grain and colour. I had planned on first picking it off the shelf to turn the opposite side to which I did. I found someone had drilled a 1/4 hole about 3/4 deep, unless I filled it it was useless as the base side. The other side was rough and ready.

I am so glad it worked out this way as no one would have ever seen the brilliant work nature had done in creating the interesting grain. Yes the bowl design and my first idea's were lost but it was worth it.

Right is the base side of the bowl and the rot which had set in, this is the bark side. It was to be the top and then I was going to hollow out a vessel.

 Queensland Beech
A very pail timber which if spalted (has began to stain/rot due to being wet) can have some interesting advantages.

I think this piece came from David Laird of the OTGA. Strange wood to describe to turn very open grained.



  1. Damn blokes that cut their own blanks round before giving them away. Glad you enjoyed the Coolabah (E Concretus) experience. Baksia can be a a very different/difficult timber to turn for very different reasons.

    All in all, good to see you being productive . . . ;)

  2. If it wasn't cut round doe's that mean you wouldn't have drilled the hole?

    I could have had real fun then and made a square/round box LOL.
    As I now have the phone number of the bloke out at Parks who has a shed full of Burls I could get hooked.
    Banksia it was fun also dusty for sure I have more which I acquired elsewhere.

    Thanks Pat considering my attitude just days prior :) I am happy chappy again.

  3. Lovely pieces. I have a large Coolabah Burl (from sitting on the woodstack. Still waiting for tools large enough to break it down. Lovely timber.

    1. Daniel you'll have all the room in the new shed/s.


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