Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa's Christams Helpers

A good friend Alan Flett had a project to do and asked if Sue and I would also like one or two for our grandsons as Christmas present....... a little detail and we were more than willing.

So began the major project of construction of four 3 story Car Parks with elevator,ramps and Heli Pad.

Alan as Engineer works manager designed the whole lot.. He cut out the main shapes from MDF, drilled the holes for the dowel which was to be the joiner for the columns. Made the first series of columns. Constructed the ramps and lift.

Sue painted all the main MDF, the columns and painted the lines and parking bays.

I cut and drilled the remainder 40+ columns and the joiner dowels, turned the lift crank and parts.

Our grandchildren all four where thrilled to bits so much so we have to make another for young Brodie's 2nd Birthday come February. Nathan and Christian were just over joyed and started playing with them even before presents were given out as they were to large to wrap.

No early photos were taken by us although Alan and I did do a running Collaboration thread on the Toy Section of the Woodwork Forum

 The 8 story car park, the only way Sue and I could store it during painting as I was also making other things.

To cut all the small dowels I designed up a cutting jig. I used a piece of pine, drilled the depth of the two required lengths and also a relief hole so I could push out the off cut pieces. I just held the block then in a vice and had two dowels cut into two sizes in a fraction of the time.

 Alan's fitting of the lift section and ramps. The ramps are plastic electrical conduit which is used to hide cables.

 Lift mechanism fitted. H for the Heli pad painted.

 The four Car Park's all with names and final painting done just days before Santa arrived.
 The Fuel dowser's Alan also designed and made and fitted.

Sue and I would like to thank Alan for the pleasure of seeing our grand children's joy and faces when they saw them.

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