Friday, October 20, 2017

Dry & Brown to Lush & Geen

Over four months very little rain not enough to fill a thimble, Sue has had to water to keep alive the plants we had. As for the lawn she attacked it every other day to remove weeds, bindi and cover to the point on area of the back yard was bare.

Throughout late August and September much work was done. The two raised garden beds were extended with left over panels making a small square one. Pot, plants, seedlings 2 cube of garden soil and Sue took to renovating and landscaping both front and back yard and gardens. Two weeks after she was done (two weeks ago that is) we got our first light rain falls enough to turn grass green instead of brown and bring new life to all plants.

Left the Wisteria which has never bloomed in over 20yrs sharing its pot with Camomile Daisy and its new pot.

Right my attempt at twisting three Ornamental Figs its and its new pot it was root bound and in need of a larger pot. 

 Below new Wisteria which had blooms on it when got it in the Figs old pot.

My Bonsai are loving the change 

The 2 cube of top soil Sue spread and moved about half went into the garden beds in the back yard.
 Digging the trench these were the days we were having 30+C temps so she was only doing half days over a week.

Little bit of landscaping four long pots partly buried along the path edge to create a wall and garden barrier to retain the soil during wet weather. The green pot has Curry plant.

Begonia, Dill more Camomile Daisy in the pots.

Sue has been using four of these recycle tubs for various plantings.

Below the extended raised beds majority re-planted from what was in the shorter beds at this point plus some seedlings. Aunty Barb's Pommie Granite given as a present is doing excellent.

 The four left over panels from extending the other two beds made a neat little square. Planted straight away were Blue Berry bush in the middle, Pinnapple, Strawberries.

In the above photos you can see how the lawn was looking and it was worse prior the rain. Two weeks of light showers and drizzle gave a much needed soaking. Everything took off.

 New seedlings ready to be planted and some Mint.
 An sms to Corey who does our lawns and it soon look far better.


 Passion Fruit and Tomato.

The front garden had the Bottle Brush removed during the dry and Roses, Azalea and Gardenia took their place. 

 The Rose Sue is weeding around was almost lost due to a fungus.

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